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The Eastern Health Long-Term Care (LTC) Program is responsible for providing services to long-term care residents throughout the Eastern Health region of Newfoundland and Labrador. We adhere to the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities for Clients, Patients and Residents of Eastern Health.

Our services include:

Our Staff

Members of the Long-Term Care care team are here to help you and your loved ones. Dedicated staff work together throughout the region to offer services to assist with providing you with optimal quality of life and care needs.

  • Learn more about the long-term care team.
  • Read the unique long-term care stories of our program, on Eastern Health’s blog, StoryLine.


The Eastern Health Long-Term Care Program is committed to providing quality and safe resident care.

Accreditation is an effective way for organizations to regularly examine and improve the quality of their services (Accreditation Canada, 2016). The accreditation process is an internationally recognized and respected evaluation process used by many countries around the world to assess health services.

In December 2017, Eastern Health was awarded Accredited with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada after an on-site survey of its care and research. The Long-Term Care program was acknowledged for its emphasis on competency and impact on outcomes.

Long-Term Care services “demonstrates a significant commitment to staff and resident safety” (Accreditation Canada, 2017).

Eastern Health continues to participate in Accreditation Canada’s evaluation process on a regular basis.

Strategic Plan

The Long-Term Care Program is guided by Eastern Health’s Strategic Plan, Putting Excellence to Action.


We support the provision of high quality and evidence-based care with residents and families as its top priority. Our team seeks to achieve and contribute to the goals set out on Eastern Health’s Strategic Plan, Putting Excellence to Action.

Resident and Family Advisory Council

Our program is guided by a regional Long-Term Care Resident and Family Advisory Council, to help ensure that we are meeting the needs of our residents and their families and, by working together, help to improve the quality of long-term care.


The Eastern Health Long-Term Care Program is fortunate to work in collaboration with numerous organizations, groups and partners with the aim to improve long-term care services, such as:

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Last updated: 2023-02-09