Safe and Respectful Environment

Eastern Health is committed to providing a healthy and positive environment that respects everyone’s personal worth and dignity. We work to ensure that you, your family, visitors, our volunteers and staff are not subject to abuse.

Everyone is to be considerate in their interactions with each other by showing care and concern for others, and by acknowledging their dignity.

The Safety of our residents, visitors, volunteers and staff is of the highest priority and any behaviour that goes against these expectations will not be tolerated.

Disrespectful behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

  • Written or verbal comments and behaviours that are rude, degrading or offensive.
  • Jokes that are demeaning and result in embarrassment or insult.
  • Bullying or shouting, which demeans an individual.
  • Attempts to discredit an individual by spreading false information about him or her.
  • Actual or threatened physical contact or assault.


We are all responsible to report all occurrences of abusive, aggressive or threatening behaviour. If you have a concern with the way you or another resident is being treated, or if you witness an incident, please bring your concern forward to a member of the care team or to a manager so that it can be resolved based on the facts of the case.

For more information on how you contribute to safe care for you and others see, please see Ask Us: Long-Term Care.

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Last updated: 2020-11-03