Long-Term Care Sites

Eastern Health has a number of long-term care facilities, and we also offer services and operates programs from various other sites. To learn more and to see a listing of long-term care sites, please select a category below:

Long-term care facilities

Long-term care facilities are publicly funded facilities that offer care to people who need moderate to total assistance with daily functioning and daily on-site nursing care. To learn more, please see Services and Programs – Long-Term Care Facilities.

  1. Agnes Pratt Nursing Home
  2. Blue Crest Nursing Home
  3. Caribou Memorial Veteran’s Pavilion
  4. Dr. Albert O’Mahony Memorial Manor
  5. Dr. Walter Templeman Health Care Centre
  6. Golden Heights Manor
  7. Lion’s Manor Nursing Home
  8. Pleasant View Towers
  9. Private Josiah Squibb Memorial Pavilion
  10. Saint Luke’s Homes
  11. Saint Patrick’s Mercy Home
  12. Salvation Army Glenbrook Lodge
  13. U.S. Memorial Health Centre

In addition, Eastern Health has a partnership with Chancellor Park Long-Term Care.

Personal care homes

Personal care homes are licensed, privately owned and operated residential homes. These homes are licensed by Eastern Health in consultation with Service NL. To learn more, please see Services and Programs – Personal Care Homes.

  1. Admiral’s Coast Retirement Centre
  2. Alderwood Estates Retirement Centre
  3. Aurora Estates
  4. Baccalieu Retirement Living
  5. Bay Robert’s Retirement Home
  6. Bayview Heights Manor
  7. Beachside Manor, Placentia
  8. Bishop’s Garden
  9. Bonaventure Retirement Centre
  10. Bonavista Retirement Home
  11. Callingwood Down’s
  12. Cambridge Estates
  13. Canning’s Personal Care Home
  14. Clarenville Retirement Home
  15. Cozy Quarters Retirement Centre
  16. CraDea Manor
  17. Eason’s Personal Care Home
  18. Essential Personal Care Home
  19. Fahey’s Personal Care Home
  20. Grand Bank Retirement Living
  21. Greenwood Seniors Citizens Home
  22. Heritage Square Retirement Living
  23. Hillcrest Estates
  24. Hilltop Manor
  25. Karwood Retirement Home
  26. Katherine House
  27. Kelly’s Personal Care Home
  28. Kingsway Living St. Lawrence
  29. Lane’s Retirement living
  30. Lewis’ Personal Care Home
  31. Linda’s Personal Care Home
  32. Marystown Retirement Centre
  33. Meadow Creek Retirement Centre
  34. Mira Quinn Hilltop Manor
  35. MJ Personal Care Home
  36. North Pond Manor
  37. Pearl House
  38. Ruby Manor
  39. Shag Rock Manor
  40. Shirley’s Haven
  41. St. Lawrence Retirement Living
  42. Tarkay Hilltop Manor
  43. Tobin’s Guest Home
  44. Winter Holme Manor
  45. Winslowe Ridge
  46. Woodford’s Comfort Manor

Protective care community residences

Protective care community residences provide specialized care and accommodations for individuals with varying levels of dementia. To learn more, please see Services and Programs – Protective Care Community Residences.

  1. Clarenville Protective Care Community Residences
    Address: 16 Horwood Crescent (Off Thompson Street, Shoal Harbour Dr.), Clarenville, NL  A5A 0G5
    Tel: 709-466-4375
    Fax: 709-466-4392
  2. Bonavista Protective Care Community Residences
    Address: 10-20 Joy’s Lane, Bonavista, NL  A0C 1B0
    Tels: 709-468-2026, 709-468-2025 or 709-468-2054

Seniors’ Housing

The Eastern Health Long-Term Care Program oversees placement to cottage units and independent living apartments for seniors and older adults with disabilities. To learn more, please see Services and Programs – Seniors’ Housing.

  1. Lion’s Manor Cottages
  2. Blue Crest Cottages
  3. Golden Heights Manor Cottages
  4. Trinity-Conception Regional Housing Complex

Housing administered through Eastern Health affiliates:

  1. Saint Luke’s Homes
  2. Salvation Army Glenbrook Villa
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Last updated: 2021-09-08