Safe Medication Practices

While in long-term care, resident medications are provided by our pharmacy, and administered by our nursing. As a resident, if you wish to manage your own medications and are able to do so, please discuss this with the resident care manager or resident care coordinator who will provide you with information about Eastern Health’s policies and safety guidelines.


There are five key moments you should pay close attention when taking a medication:

  1. Starting a medication
  2. Taking a medication
  3. Adding a new medication
  4. Having your medication reviewed
  5. Stopping a medication

Medication reviews

To ensure the medications are appropriate for you, they will be reviewed by the relevant care team members with your input throughout the year. Regular medication reviews help to ensure medications are safe and working for you. You are encouraged to ask questions and talk openly with your health-care team about your medications.

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Last updated: 2020-11-03