Long-Term Care Facilities

Long-Term Care (LTC) Facilities are publicly funded facilities that offer care to people who need moderate to total assistance with daily functioning and daily on-site nursing care (three hours or more daily). Care in a long-term care facility is provided based on individual care needs. Care needs may be related to an individual’s physical well-being (i.e. ability to walk, eat, bathe etc.), as well as their ability to think clearly and to remember.

The type of care and services an individual needs determines which type of unit and which facility best meets his/her needs, such as:

Eastern Health monitors the region’s nursing homes to ensure compliance with the Long-Term Care Facilities in Newfoundland and Labrador, Operational Standards (PDF).  Also, Eastern Health is an accredited organization, and our long-term care program met all, or 100 per cent of the 96 criteria measured in the 2017 Accreditation Survey.


Planning and preparing for placement may be difficult for you and your family. At Eastern Health, we believe that asking questions and developing a good plan will help you and your family adjust to the change. We recommend that you prepare for decision making prior to your admission.

Placement into a long-term care facility involves the following:

Assessment for placement in a long-term care facility is completed by a community health nurse or social worker for individuals living at home, and may be arranged by contacting your community health office.

If you live in the community, the application process includes a visit from a nurse or a social worker who completes a needs assessment to determine your care requirements, and the best options for you. You must also have a medical form completed by your doctor, and a chest X-ray taken. If you are in a hospital, a social worker will assist you with the application process.

Wait times
Often times, there may not be a vacant bed available that can provide the care you need at the time of your application. When this happens, your name will be added to a waitlist.

Our waitlist is based on need rather than length of time you are on the list. If a suitable bed becomes vacant, and you are assessed as being in the greatest need, you will be offered placement.

If you are in hospital waiting for a bed, you will be expected to accept the first available bed offered to you – even though it may not be in your preferred facility.

Financial assistance

Financial assistance, including \rates and cost for other services (i.e. medical supplies, transportation) may be available for individuals who meet the financial eligibility criteria. Applications are available here. The nurse or social worker assisting you with your application can provide information on rates and the financial application process.

Choosing a long-term care facility

Although you are not guaranteed a bed in your preferred facility, you can request a transfer once you have been admitted. It is important for you to move to a facility that can best meet your care needs as soon as possible.

We recommend that you tour a few long-term care facilities before naming your preferred home on your application.

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Last updated: 2023-07-18