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joyful listening

Joyful Listening focuses on the benefits of therapeutic intervention through the use of sound – music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Joyful Listening, previously known as Music & Memory, is an expanded program that is inclusive of all forms of therapeutic listening. While the previous program emphasized the use of personalized music to engage residents diagnosed with various types of dementia, Joyful Listening is a program that brings personalized listening devices into the lives of residents living in long-term care facilities. Music, audio books, and podcasts are downloaded to personal listening devices to improve and enhance quality of life.

A personal listening device is a type of mobile technology device that plays music, audio books, and podcasts, for example MP3 players, iPods, smart devices, mobile phones, etc.

Personalized playlists are created with different media, for resident’s enjoyment. Media libraries include audio books, radio shows or other podcasts, and music, which can be downloaded or streamed online, through different web-based platforms. Podcasts are digital audio files available online for downloading, typically available as a series. Radio shows are usually available as podcasts.

This form of therapeutic intervention has many benefits. Music can promote relaxation and reduce responsive behaviour, while audio books and podcasts can provide and way to stay updated on a variety of topics and prevent boredom and loneliness.

Read first hand the power of therapeutic music intervention in long-term care, on our StoryLine, The Magical Touch of Music – and Memory.

Joyful Listening is currently available in 11 long-term care facilities, as listed below. Through ongoing partnerships, we hope to bring this therapeutic program to as many residents living in long-term care as possible.

  1. Agnes Pratt Nursing Home, St. John’s
  2. Caribou Memorial Veteran’s Pavilion, Miller Centre, St. John’s
  3. Dr. A. O’Mahony Memorial Manor, Clarenville
  4. Dr. W. Templeman Health Care Centre, Bell Island
  5. Golden Heights Manor, Bonavista
  6. Pleasant View Towers, St. John’s
  7. Private Josiah Squibb Memorial Pavilion, Carbonear
  8. Saint Luke’s Homes, St. John’s
  9. Patrick’s Mercy Home, St. John’s
  10. Salvation Army Glenbrook Lodge, St. John’s
  11. Chancellor Park long-term Care, St. John’s (Eastern Health partnership)


Volunteers are welcome to support the Joyful Listening program. Volunteer opportunities may include maintaining personalized playlists, downloading music, sitting one-on-one with residents to enjoy listening to music, news or stories together, etc.


Community donations are invaluable to the continued success of the Joyful Listening program. Ongoing community engagement is essential to help maintain Joyful Listening and bring personal listening devices to individuals residing in long-term care facilities. In 2015, Holy Heart of Mary High School was the first school to hold an iPod drive and donated 150 iPods, since then, many groups have organized drives and supported this program covering 11 long-term care sites in the eastern region!

If you are interested in holding a personal listening device drive in support of this program, please email us at

Read more about ipod drives on our StoryLine, The Gift of Music.

The Health Care Foundation has been a key partner in supporting the ongoing success of the Joyful Listening program at Eastern Health. If you or a group/business you’re associated with would like to make a cash donation for the purchase of new personal listening devices, headphones, chargers (adapters) or music cards to this program, please contact the Health Care Foundation:

71 Goldstone Street, Suite 103
St. John’s, NL A1B 5C3
Tel: 709-777-5901
Toll Free: 877-737-0228

Donations for Joyful Listening can also be made online at The Health Care Foundation.

If you have an iPod you’d like to donate to this program, please drop it off at any of the participating sites listed above.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us by email at

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Last updated: 2021-07-23