Providing Feedback

We encourage you to provide us with feedback about your care and life at your long-term care facility, whether it is a compliment or a concern. If things are going well and you are pleased with the services we provide, we would like to know. However, we also want to know if things are not going so well and you are not satisfied.

Our goal is to provide the best care to you. We realize there could be times you or your family may be dissatisfied with the care or service provided to you. You have the right to have your concerns heard and addressed in a timely manner. To help us promptly address any concerns you may have, we suggest you:

  1. First discuss the matter with the staff involved when your concern arises. Our employees will do their best to respond. Many concerns are resolved quickly and satisfactorily this way.
  2. If the staff member cannot address your concern to your satisfaction, please contact the Resident Care Manager/ Resident Care Coordinator to arrange an appropriate time to meet.
  3. Should you wish to proceed further with any concerns, you may contact the Site Administrator or Program Manager.
  4. Eastern Health also has a process if you wish to make a formal compliment or complaint. To do so, you may contact the Client Relations Office at 709-777-6500 or 1-877-444-1399 or by email
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Last updated: 2020-08-25